Fort Wayne, Indiana:  Intelligent Talk, The Patriot, now has a home on the FM dial, 103.3.  WLYV and 103.3 have started simulcasting effective January 04, 2016.


The Patriot has been broadcasting on WLYV 1450 since June 2014.  It will continue on 1450, but will also be heard on 103.3FM.  The Patriot features the best-of-the-best conservative talk shows in America.  Each weekday the day starts with Bill Bennett’s Morning in America.  Then it’s Mike Gallagher, Dave Ramsey, Michael Savage and Hugh Hewitt.

On Saturday and Sunday from 3p-9p, the station features locally produced The Rick Hughes Show.

Rick Hughes has been playing the hits for 50 years!   The show transports us back to a simpler time when music, muscle cars, and 30 cent gas dominated our lives!

“This is great opportunity for us to introduce more listeners to this station,” says Operations Manager JJ Fabini.  “With 2016 being a big year for politics, we think there’s going to be a lot of people hungry for an intelligent, conservative point of view.  This station offers a solid alternative to other talk stations”, says Fabini.

The Patriot, WLYV and 103.3FM, are part of Adams Radio Group-Fort Wayne, with 8 stations serving the greater Fort Wayne Market.  Overall, Adams Radio Group is a medium market radio company focused on local radio operations, creating great marketing opportunities in its communities.  Adams Radio operates in 2 Indiana markets, Fort Wayne and Valparaiso.  Its employees are well seasoned radio professionals who know how to work with local communities and businesses.

For more information on The Patriot, please contact:  JJ Fabini (206)747-1511 or [email protected]






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