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Complete the form below to process your new digital order request. Please request 48 hours in advance when possible. If you have a "special rush", please call to inform the ARG Digital Department after sending your order request at 260.747.1511. Please collect and send ALL details with this submission. You will see a confirm message display that your submission was sent successfully when completed.

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 BIG 98.5 (WGBG) OC104 (WOCQ) 93.5 The Beach (WZBH) K107.7 (WKHI)

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This is the primary spot on our website that is our featured section that slide across the screen as time moves forward. Click HERE for example placement and details.

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These are ad placement that can change each time the website is refreshed. Click HERE for example placement and details. If you have a special request for a static (always there, never changing) ad.. please give details.

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A pre-roll ad that will play before the online stream of the radio station starts.

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