Adams Radio Markets begins Transitioning back into Studios and Offices

Lakeville, Minnesota, May 15, 2020: Adams Radio Group CEO Ron Stone announced today that all Adams Radio markets have officially began the transition back into their studios and offices. All Adams personnel have been operating from their homes for the past 9 weeks.

Ron Stone, CEO of Adams Radio, announced today that “Adams markets have begun the transition of returning normal operations at our offices and studios. Each market is staging the return of employees in phases, beginning with on air staff. We will have 100% of our employees back on all sites by July 15, which allows additional time needed for some employees that have requested additional time to transition. Our employees have done an incredible job keeping our stations live and local during this health scare. Listening to our stations, one would never have known our people were not in our studios. I can never say enough about our news staff and the incredible job they have done keeping our communities up to date with local information. We have amazing teams and I am extremely proud of every person on our staff. What radio has done all over the country over the past 9 weeks certainly proves the value of live and local radio and why it is so important to every community”.

About Adams Radio Group

Adams Radio Group is a medium to small market radio group focused on local radio operations and creating great marketing opportunities in the local communities. We are heavily involved in the communities we serve and are dedicated to the growth and success of the communities and clients we serve. Our employees are well seasoned radio professionals that know how to work with local communities and businesses. The ownership group of ARG is comprised of individual investors led by Stephen Adams, who is Chairman and majority owner of The Adams Companies, a diversified group of companies encompassing publishing, vineyards, wineries, outdoor advertising, recreational vehicles and other related services.

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